Marketing Goals

Short-term vs. long-term thinking — Marketing goals impacting business objectives.

One of the pivotal goals for any business is to prosper and to achieve this one needs to be able to make money today, as well as in the future. It is important to balance both the short-term and long-term goals.

Let’s look at a simple scenario here. Because of an increase in the price of raw materials, the electronics manufacturer chooses to reduce their investment in advertising instead of increasing their prices. The choice is tough. By hiking up the prices could mean losing on current customers whom we…

Unemployment UK

Covid-19 is clearly beginning to affect the world of work. The most recent studies done by the Institute for Social and Economic Research (ISER) at the University of Essex suggest that more than half of the jobs in different sectors of the UK economy are at risk. Quarantines and strict restrictions have resulted in businesses slowing and closing down in a few cases and with some divisional branches in the industry suffering more than others.

The Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development predicts that more than one in seven of the workforce (14.8 per cent) may be out of a…

Discover the right keywords for your affiliate marketing campaigns

Content Marketing

Long-tail keywords hold significant relevance in affiliate marketing campaigns simply because of their power to highlight and focus on the buyers intent. It goes without saying that the closer a person is to purchase intent in the funnel, the more specific their search phrases become. We are aware that long-tail keywords have lesser competition and low search volume and that’s where the advantage sits. However, the people searching for these terms are likely to be more relevant to your focus niche and expertise and are more likely to convert into sales…

Content Marketing

It is not new that SEO & Content continues to bolster its importance with ever-growing dominance of social media for good. Both work in tandem and their co-dependence cannot be ignored. From multimedia searches that make Google SERP richer day by day to Intent focussed content optimisation, the list is huge. When you use your social media platforms extensively, there is a major likelihood that people would like to link /network with you/get tagged with you/and follow your profile. Once you start generating this popularity on different social media platforms, it becomes easy for your content (most of which holds…

Digital Marketing

We fairly understand that the cost of acquiring a new customer is one of the significant KPI’s and is far greater than the cost of retaining an existing customer at any point of crisis. Three months ago, we understood the marketplace and our business response to it, competitors, media planning costs, expected results and even the season. Whilst we were doing that, we got hit by COVID-19 pandemic, the only source of information we return back to is from past months.

Your digital media planning efforts & strategies from January may or may not reflect much information for you to…

Swati Rekha

A digital marketing enthusiast & a creative cookie who admires the digitally-driven age and loves to read, write, research & share. Currently open to new gigs.

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